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Michael Jackson, black and white portrait Elusive Shadow is a French-speaking website about Michael Jackson that was launched on June 18, 2007. Featuring more than 3000 pages of articles about the artist's life and career, it aims at providing both the fans and the general public - not to mention the journalists - with extensive and well-documented information. Many French-speaking fans don't understand English well enough to be able to read articles in this language. Therefore, translating the news, interviews, song lyrics and such plays a major role in the French-speaking community.

This translation work has been central on Elusive Shadow from the beginning. All translations have been specifically done for the website, which not only creates a harmony but also guarantees a global reliability. Besides the translations, the website contains many exclusive and documented articles about Michael Jackson: fan reports, specific articles for new fans, book reviews, interviews with people who crossed the path of the Artist on a professional level, articles about the concerts, videos, etc. It has grown over the years to become one of the largest websites in French about the singer and led to several collaborations with the media and other professionals, including the translation of Aphrodite Jones' book Michael Jackson Conspiracy into French.

Elusive Shadow has been visited by people from 115 different countries so far, very few of them being French-speaking. The picture gallery has been bridging the gap between our French-speaking and English-speaking visitors from the beginning. However, the time has come to offer a little more to our international visitors! You can expect some articles in English from now on. Obviously, translating 3000 articles won't happen in the blink of an eye (for this, you can still visit Google Translation!) but some content in English will be added for sure. I hope you'll feel as welcome here as people do on the "original version"!

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Michael Jackson

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